Why Do Harvard and the College Board Say SAT Prep Doesn’t Work?

Every day, thousands of students around the world sign up for SAT prep classes, tutoring, and online courses. Yet, in nearly all cases, their scores barely improve. Why does SAT prep almost always seem to fail?

Most SAT prep is built around profit margins, not results. Businessmen, rather than experienced teachers, craft the one-size-fits-all curriculum, the pacing, and the teaching style. The result? The only $2,500,000,000/year industry that doesn’t seem to accomplish anything.

Our Average Student Improves 327 Points.

The most powerful, fastest-acting SAT program ever – accessible in your home, on your schedule, for 1/4th the price of the competition.

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On This Page, You’ll Learn:

  • How to Boost your SAT scores by hundreds of points in 30 days – guaranteed.

  • Why traditional SAT prep doesn’t work.

  • Why the most ambitious parents, schools, and charities choose 30 Day SAT.

  • Why our SAT prep solution is risk free.

Guaranteed Results = $297

327 point average improvement in 30 days!

In your own home, on your own schedule.

Why 98/100 Parents Recommend 30 Day SAT to Friends:

30 Day SAT Classroom Courses Private Tutor
On Your Schedule
Access from Anywhere
Adapts to Your Needs
Guaranteed to Work Quickly
Includes All Materials
Experience-Based System
Timed to Your Test
Real SAT Practice
Trackable Progress
Strategy Focused
Ave. Score Improvement

*These figures are based on nationally published averages. We hope you’ll forgive us for the admittedly biased comparison, but it’s accurate in nearly all cases. This chart is probably the quickest way we can communicate our comparative benefits.


“30-Day SAT is indispensable…”

“30-Day SAT is indispensable to our YES students – it unlocks our kids’ gifts, and helps their SAT scores match their innate intelligence. Its simplicity allows us to enroll our students without supervision. Our mission is to get our kid’s into the nation’s most competitive universities, and the results this program delivers makes this task much easier to accomplish.”
– Eric Eisner, Wall Street Journal’s 2012 Education Innovator, YESscholars.org

Guaranteed Results = $297

327 point average improvement in 30 days!

In your own home, on your own schedule.

What Do You Get When You Use 30 Day SAT?


30 Days of daily , step-by-step assignments proven to deliver unparalleled score improvements.

Our assignments are flexible, matching the strengths and weaknesses of each student, yet also systematic – teaching students the most powerful SAT techniques available in only 30 days’ time.


Strategy Workbook
There are literally tens of thousands of tricks you can use on the SAT. We’ve boiled down the 107 most powerful and condensed them into a high-impact workbook that students can absorb in 30 days.

Developed over 10,000+ hours of hands on teaching and testing with over 340 one-on-one students, our founder’s strategies were formerly only available through him, at $500 hour. They’re all here, laid out in an order that builds a foundation – then expands and improves it.


Test Tracking
Students are taught to take realistic, timed SATs under perfect conditions, and to analyze these tests for maximum learning and improvement.

Students use our score tracking tool to set goals, track improvements, and constantly refine their SAT prep program, resulting in targeted, high-impact practice sessions and real-life testing experience that translates directly to the real SAT.


books layout
When you purchase 30 Day SAT, you’ll be shipped three SAT textbooks, including the official College Board Manual, directly to your door via 2-day shipping – free of charge.

Our program is entirely “turnkey” – students get everything they need to improve their SAT scores in record time.


device screen mockup
30 Day SAT is all online and fully responsive, which means you can use it on literally any internet-connected device.

You can use the program at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. Complete the program on your schedule and improve your scores in a way that’s convenient for you.

Our 100% “Try It & Love It” Guarantee

SAT prep needs to have a major effect. Quickly. Try our program and if you don’t see immediate results using the 30 Day SAT, just email us after your 3rd diagnostic test for a full refund. As soon as we receive your texts in the mail, we’ll refund your full purchase price. If you don’t love the program, you don’t pay for it.

Guaranteed Results = $297

327 point average improvement in 30 days!

In your own home, on your own schedule.

What Our Customers Have to Say About 30 Day SAT:

“It’s an amazing feeling to reach my goal score within the first 10 days”

bianca quote“I just wanted to let you know about how happy my parents and I are with my results from practice test number 2 – I got a 2160, which means a 90-point increase in both reading and writing and then 120 points up in math. It’s an amazing feeling to reach my goal score within the first 10 days of the 30-day online course (don’t worry, I’m not getting complacent – it’s inspired me to work even harder) and I just wanted to tell you that you are some sort of wizard, or at the very least a genius!”

– Bianca B., Student | Source

“Your program was just the right amount of guidance at the right cost.”

anne quote“My son took his first test in May 2013 and scored: 720, 710, 650. Based on your advise to take a second test immediately following the first, we had already signed up for the June 2013 test. We were a little nervous that he might drop his CR score, since it is not his strength, but we also thought that there was potential to increase his Math score, since that is his strength, and as you advised, with super scoring there was little downside. A few days before the June test date he took about 4 math practice tests until he was getting perfect scores, and several writing section tests. I’m happy to report that his June scores were: 680, 800, 790. So he has a super score of 2310! Your program was just the right amount of guidance at the right cost.”

– Anne C., Parent | Source

“Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.”

teri quote“I have to admit that I was a bit nervous to sign my son up for this program – he was the one who wanted to study online. His previous SAT experience was a disaster as the teacher told my son that his 10 year old daughter knew more math than he did! This is a kid who is taking two AP classes this year, and has an original album published on iTunes… My son is enjoying your program, and I am pleased so far with his progress. I really like the fact that he has to work every day at this instead of a few hours once a week. He asked me this morning to study his cards with him tonight. A good sign! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.”

– Teri D., Parent | Source

“I am going to recommend this program to all of my friends”

dasha quote“Thank you so much for creating this program! After completing the full program, I got a score of 2290 on the SAT. I felt like the program was very easy to follow and as long as a person does everything it says then anyone can get a very high score. I am going to recommend this program to all of my friends and am very grateful to you.”

– Dasha D., Student | Source

“240 points score improvement in a handful of days”

omar quote“WOOOOOOOOOOW! My first diagnostic test I scored a 1700. My second I scored a 1940. 240 points score improvement in a handful of days of only superficial work. And the best is yet to come!!!!!”

– Omar E., Student | Source

Thanks to the improvement in her score, (my daughter) was accepted at Rutgers”

arlene quote“I really want to THANK YOU and your online 30 DAY SAT CRASH COURSE for helping Hannah make this significant improvement. Thanks to the improvement in her score, she was accepted at Rutgers University. I wish you the best with your work – you and your programs are held in very high esteem in this family!”

– Arlene H., Parent | Source

“This is a fantastic SAT solution”

“This is a fantastic SAT solution, and one we recommend to all our clients! We’re big believers in effective, fast-acting academic solutions, and 30 Day SAT is the only test prep program that delivers the same quality standards we hold ourselves to.”
– Rick Kamal, World-Renowned Education Expert & President – EduNova

“I recommend 30 Day SAT to all my clients”

“I recommend 30 Day SAT to all my clients. In the past, I’ve recommended classroom courses, books, and software programs, along with probably 100 different one-on-one tutors, but nothing gets results that hold a candle to [this program’s]. When Anthony works with my students one-on-one, their scores improve by around 500 points – this makes the difference between Ivies and schools you may have never heard of. When Anthony isn’t free, which he often isn’t, I put my clients on his program. [...] They still get the results, and the results are enormous.”
– David Montesano, President – College Match US

Who Created The 30 Day SAT Crash Course?

Anthony-James Green is world-renowned as one of the most effective SAT coaches alive. He’s worked with 347 students one-on-one, delivering consistent score improvements higher than any other tutor in America. He’s currently booked 18 months in advance for his services at a rate of $500/hour.

Anthony’s SAT system has developed over more than 10,000 hours of hands-on experience with the SAT. He’s personally trained more than 100 SAT tutors to use his methods, designed curriculum for programs around the world, authored multiple books on the SAT, and been flown around the world to teach his methods to test prep firms, consultants, and after-school programs.

The 30-Day SAT Crash Course is the same system Anthony uses with all his 1-on-1 clients to get such remarkable results. In December 2012, he decided to convert his system into an online course that any student could use to improve their SAT scores by hundreds of points in the shortest period of time possible.

While his system has resulted in student score improvements higher than any option on the market, Anthony is still working every day to improve it further, rigorously testing every aspect of his program to enhance its results. The program combines proven, tested strategies and tactics with the flexibility necessary to accommodate students of all levels of advancement.

For the first time ever, you can use Anthony’s system in your home, on your schedule, with a full, money-back guarantee, at a cost less than 40 minutes of his time.

Guaranteed Results = $297

327 point average improvement in 30 days!

In your own home, on your own schedule.

How Does 30 Day SAT Work?

Step 1

After you choose your username and password, you’ll be able to login immediately. Your books & materials are on their way.

Step 2

Our included planning calendar will help you find the best days to complete all 30 daily assignments on your own schedule.

Step 3

Follow each day’s daily assignments, step-by-step. If it’s in the daily assignment notebook, do it – if it isn’t, don’t.

Step 4

Use the strategies and tactics in the included Master Notebook to constantly refine your approach to the test.

Step 5

If you ever have any questions, just visit 30DaySAT.com and click the chat box for live help around the clock.

Step 6

Get higher SAT scores than you ever imagined possible! Our average student is increasing by over 325 points in just 30 days.

How do you know if an SAT program is working?

Many test prep firms give students “diagnostic tests” that they’ve created themselves. The first tests are unrealistically difficult – the later tests are intentionally easy. The result: an unrealistic testing experience, and very inaccurate score assessments.

30 Day SAT uses real SATs, directly from the Official College Board SAT Manual (included with your purchase), to test and gauge student performance. Students take 5 full-length, timed, real SATs throughout the course of the program.

9 Days Into the Program, Our Students Take Their Second REAL SAT. You’ll know whether you’re improving, and by how much, almost immediately, using realistic metrics.

What if It Doesn’t Work?

When you prep for the SAT, you need to know immediately whether you’ve made the right choice. That’s why we offer a full money-back guarantee. Try the program, and if you don’t see satisfactory score improvements by your third diagnostic test (day 16), simply send us an email, mail us back your texts, and we’ll give you a full refund.

When most SAT companies do offer a guarantee, it usually reads like this: “take the SAT, and if your score doesn’t improve, you can take our course again.” In other words: “spend months on our program, and if it can’t even raise your score by 10 points, you can spend a few more months on it…”

You don’t want a “free second round” – you want instant, enormous results. If you use our program and it doesn’t provide them, let us know, return your texts, and we’ll refund the full purchase price.

Guaranteed Results = $297

327 point average improvement in 30 days!

In your own home, on your own schedule.

We Asked Our Customers What They Liked About 30 Day SAT. Here’s What They Said:

“Insanely convenient.”

No need to lug yourself to classroom courses or arrange scheduling with your tutor. Use our program anytime, anywhere. Complete the program in 30 days or spread it out over a year. It’s the most convenient SAT solution ever built.

“I know exactly what to do.”

30 Day SAT is a prescription. Just follow our instructions, step-by-step, and you’ll see enormous score improvements – guaranteed. Our program has been tested over 10,000+ hours for optimized score enhancement – no guesswork necessary.

“I get to focus on what matters.”

Our program is the opposite of one-size-fits-all. You’ll figure out what you need to learn, uncover strategies to enhance your understanding of the material, and automatically craft a program suited to your strengths and weaknesses. That’s how great scores are built.

“I wasn’t nervous for the test.”

30 Day SAT teaches you how to take realistic, timed diagnostic exams that replicate the experience of a real SAT. By the time you take your real test, you’ll have hours of practical test-taking experience under your belt, and you’ll know exactly how to apply your material to the actual SAT. Your knowledge is only as good as your ability to use it.

“An incredible bargain.”

Our all-inclusive program costs only $297 – nearly $1,000 less than the average classroom course, and nearly $2,000 less than the average tutoring arrangement. And it delivers better results than both. SAT prep doesn’t have to be a big expense.

Guaranteed Results = $297

327 point average improvement in 30 days!

In your own home, on your own schedule.

“Help even where I thought I didn’t need it.”

While the program has you put your focus on your weakest areas, it also teaches you strategies (not just tips and tricks) that you can apply to all three sections of the test to enhance your performance. Even if you’re scoring 700+ on certain sections, our program will help you to refine and improve your performance even where you’re already strong.

“I got to track my child’s scores without nagging.”

Our built-in score tracker makes it easy for students to keep track of their progress – and for parents to see how their children are doing. Simply log into your child’s account, click the “Score Tracker” link, and watch your child progress. No nagging necessary.

“My child found it very easy to use. Which made my life easy.”

There’s no supervision required to use this program. Whether your student is extremely motivated, or needs a bit of a push, this program is simple, straightforward, and delivers progress quickly. Parents are removed from the equation, making the test prep process both easier and less stressful.

“I loved the test day tips.”

Your SAT scores are more than just a function of your math, grammar, and reading knowledge – they’re also a function of your mental and physical state. Our program teaches cutting-edge techniques for preparing your mind and body for maximum retention and test day performance.

“Didn’t just give me answer explanations.”

Any of the countless SAT textbooks out there contain answer explanations and material-based facts. Our program doesn’t “reinvent the wheel” – we teach strategies and tactics which students can use to permanently remember these facts and repeatedly use proper technique when answering actual questions on the SAT.

Guaranteed Results = $297

327 point average improvement in 30 days!

In your own home, on your own schedule.

Still have questions about 30 Day SAT?

If your question isn’t answered below, use the orange box below to ask us your questions!

Does your program cover all three sections of the test?

Yes – it covers SAT Math, Reading, and Writing, as well as the essay. Our Premium version even comes with personal essay grading.

Do I need to buy anything in addition to your program?

No – the program is all inclusive. All texts and online lessons come with your purchase, unless you’re an international buyer.

After I buy, how much time do I have to use your system? When do I get to start?

You have one year to use the system. Start whenever you’d like.

Is 30 Day SAT entirely online?

All lesson plans and strategy guides are online. Practice problems and tests are contained within the included textbooks mailed to you upon purchase.

How long does it take to complete your program?

Our program contains 30 days of work. 25 days are composed of assignment sets which take roughly 75-90 minutes to complete. 5 days are practice tests requiring 4 hours of your time. You can complete the entire program in 30 days, or spread it out to accommodate your schedule.

Does your system work for the PSAT as well?

Yes. The SAT and PSAT are almost identical tests – the PSAT is simply shorter, and doesn’t come with an essay. If you’re prepared for the SAT, you’ll be very prepared for the PSAT.

Can I do anything to enhance the effects of your system?

If you’d like to do more work than the system requires, we give both program-extension tips and “in between day” tips to further enhance your retention and mastery.

Can I use your system if I have a learning disability?

Yes. While the program is not specifically designed for students with learning disabilities, it is built for students of all levels of advancement, and even comes with a unit on gaining extra time and special accommodations if you have a learning disability.

What if I’ve already had tutoring and/or classroom prep?

The program will still work perfectly. The program evaluates where you currently stand, then builds upon your current foundation to deliver targeted SAT prep.

What kinds of things does your program teach?

Everything from test familiarization and testing techniques to material, SAT vocabulary, strategy, and tactics. It’s a 360 degree SAT prep solution.

Does your system work for advanced students?

Yes. Many of our students are extremely advanced, coming in at 2100+ – the program targets your existing knowledge and strategy base and firms it up for ultimate testing performance.

Guaranteed Results = $297

327 point average improvement in 30 days!

In your own home, on your own schedule.

Interesting Fact: Our competition won’t share their results.

From a recent Wall Street Journal article on SAT Prep:

“Kaplan and Princeton Review say they make no claims about any specific average point increases, calling that practice inherently misleading because it is difficult to collect accurate data.
Revolution Prep offers a “score improvement guarantee” of 200 points for students taking its coaching courses. But co-founders Ramit Varma and Jake Neuberg say the guarantee doesn’t mean that all students will increase their scores by that much. If students don’t achieve a 200-point gain, they are entitled to a free repeat of the course, they say.”

Why is 30 Day SAT Different from Classroom Courses?

Classroom courses follow a simple structure: pack a classroom full of students, then have a teacher read a textbook out loud to them.

If the students are lucky, they’ll have some time for Q&A at the end of the class.

This one-size-fits-all approach works for no one. Students will be exposed to material too quickly, or will be exposed to material they already know. Pacing will be based on the needs of the classroom company – not on the needs of the students.

Worse yet: parents pay $1,200+ and drive their children all over town, on the course’s schedule, to fill these classes. They’re outdated, overpriced, and utterly ineffective.

30 Day SAT is based on your unique needs. It doesn’t teach you “tips and tricks” – it teaches you how to learn, providing you with the strategies and tactics that YOU need to learn based on your strengths and weaknesses, focusing on the material you most need to master.

It’s on your schedule, in your own home, and costs nearly $1,000 less than the average class. Aside from the word “SAT,” SAT classroom courses and 30 Day SAT have almost nothing in common.

Why is 30 Day SAT Different from Tutoring?

When one-on-one SAT tutoring is done right, it can be remarkably effective. The problem? SAT tutoring is incredibly inconsistent.

Many tutors are very smart – but being intelligent, and transferring your intelligence to others, are two very different things. For tutoring to work, tutors must bond with their students, be empathetic, and figure out precisely how a student needs to learn, what he needs to learn, and in what order.

Most importantly, tutoring is often just “pointing out answers. When students rely on a tutor to show them how things are done, they often lose the drive to solve problems on their own. The tutor is, in effect, being paid thousands to show students the answer explanation section.

Worse yet, tutoring is very rarely systemetized, and EXTREMELY expensive. Unless your tutor has been documenting his/her process and improving it, you’re probably going to end up with someone who’s just “winging it.”

30 Day SAT is vastly less expensive than one-on-one tutoring, works on your schedule, gets better results, and is perfectly engineered to be both consistent and user-based. Students learn how to teach themselves, building their OWN confidence and getting inside their OWN heads to master the material presented by the SAT.

Guaranteed Results = $297

327 point average improvement in 30 days!

In your own home, on your own schedule.